Exceptional Guidance and Case Management
From Start to Finish


We provide expert guidance and case management to employers on all aspects of employing overseas migrants in the United Kingdom.

Over the years, we have worked with many different employers to secure work permits for employees, sponsor licences and Tier 2 work permits.

Our clients have ranged from small businesses to large companies, and have included law firms, international advertising and marketing companies, media agencies, dental surgeries, IT companies, engineering firms, restaurants, accounting firms, beauty and hair salons, PR companies, medical businesses, and import businesses, to name a few.

The types of applications that we assist with include:

• Sponsor licence
• Tier 2 General
• Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer
• Change of employer
• Settlement applications for employees

It is our job to manage the visa process efficiently and professionally: we tailor our advice to the individual requirements of our clients to ensure that the best solution is offered to guarantee success. We complete all paperwork to the highest standard ensuring that our applications are granted quickly and with no delays.